It’s pass midnight here; I’m officially 21.


But seriously, thank you for the people who messaged me already (even tho I have no idea HOW did you know ahah)

You guys warm my heart. x

Been busy, but squeezed a little drawing time after a lot of proscrination! 
Lip studies #1 - HQ here —>

Been busy, but squeezed a little drawing time after a lot of proscrination!

Lip studies #1 - HQ here —>

whodatgirl1669 asked: Hello I would like to know if you could please tell me where I can find the mickey paths that is in your dream town?

What Mickey paths?

yumemelodydream12 asked: can we play animal crossing new leaf ( you can delete my friend code after) but i would like you to come to my town.

Right now I personally haven’t been playing AC just for the fact that I’m quite busy with life in general; Also I get a few requests like yours and as much as I wanted to play with you I just haven’t had the time to take a break ahaha. I promise that I’ll take one day to play with all fo you and I have a little more time, so for now, sorry! ):

mayor-kenna asked: Hi just wondering where did you get the hat with the horns? The white one with I think a flower headband


mischamuffin asked: I really love the rosy wallpaper you have in your living room! I looked through pattern tags on the blogs you linked, but I couldn't find it. could you help me out? :) xo

I already replied to an exact ask a little bit ago; I couldn’t find it either. ): I looked through my likes, pinterest, tumblrs, google etc and nothing. If I ever find it again I’ll be sure to post it.

Anonymous asked: This is the anon who asked about the cat curled up design. I can't go to the link because I'm using my phone. I'd hate to ask but would you mind looking around for it? I'm so sorry to ask.
Anonymous asked: Omg! Visited your dream town today and feel in love! Especially your floral wallpaper! The room with the makeup box, Cat castle, and everything else. I'm wondering if you could share the qr code? Sorry if I'm being too touchy. I know some people don't want to share qr codes that they used to decorate their homes. I love your pathways in your town! ^ ^ Very cute.

Thank you! As I said, I don’t keep any of my QR codes; I just don’t keep track of them, so yeah, I have no idea where I got this one; I tried to look for it, but no luck. You can try pinterest or tumblr and see if you find one that’s similar. Sorry bby. ):

Anonymous asked: Um...I visited your town and I really like that cat curled up design you made and was wondering if it would be okay to share it with me. If not it's okay. I like your town a lot btw. It looks like you poored so much time into it. Great job!😊

Ahwww bby thank you! Tbh I have no idea where I got it, I think I just found it around tumblr; Try and go to my FAQ and see the blogs I use for QR codes. If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll give a look around. (: